January 2011 Truth Nuggets

  • Being a strong person is not so much about being broad shouldered and rippled with muscles as it is being forgiving instead of un-forgiving; tolerant instead of tolerant-less; compassionate instead of compassion-less; being tenderness of heart instead of being tender-less; being understanding instead of understanding-less; being humble instead of being humble-less; and being loving instead of being loveless. This will give you more strength than rippling muscles ever will!

  • If you refuse to see beyond that of the natural eye, you choose to be blind. If you refuse to hear beyond that of natural hearing, you choose to be deaf. If you refuse to speak beyond that of natural speech, you choose to be dumb. See beyond the exterior of a person into their heart and soul! Listen beyond hearing the spoken word to what is being said behind the words! Speak with your life, it has far more impact than natural speech!

  • The value of a person is not based upon their defects, flaws or blemishes! The worth of a person is based upon how God views them, valuable enough that He gave His son to rescue them. Valuing people is valuing life!

  • There is no limit to the love that your heart can hold and there is no limit to the love your heart can give! LOVE LOVINGLY and you will be LOVINGLY LOVED!

  • Wasted days and wasted nights happen when we fail to forgive, love, laugh or smile! Be a sir-forgive-a-lot, at sir-smile-a-lot, a sir-laugh-a-lot and a sir-love-a -lot! Ladies be a Mrs-forgive-a-lot, a Mrs-smile-a-lot, a Mrs-laugh-a-lot and a Mrs-love-a-lot! This will ensure you have happy days and happy nights!

  • It is impossible to be tempted without first thinking about the temptation! Therefore, by controlling your thoughts you control the temptation. Think on the temptation long enough and you will succumb to the temptation! Cast down the temptation in your imagination and you will have control of the situation!

  • No matter how difficult the path is to travel, no matter how rough the seas are that we must sail in, no matter the pain that we may endure, no matter the agony of defeat, no matter the loneliness of separation, no matter the shunning by a loved one, no matter the misunderstanding of family and friends, TRUE LOVE WILL ENDURE!

  • The purpose of God is not to give you what you want as the religious world portrays. His purpose is to give you what you need! You may want wealth, you may want fame, you may want recognition, you may want power, you may even want health. But when it boils down to the nitty-gritty all you need is the SALVATION through relationship with God available through Jesus. It is SALVATION that brings SATISFACTION!

  • Hanging Jesus on the cross displayed the hatred of religious people at its worst, yet it was a display of Divinity’s love at its best. If Jesus had chosen the easy path and summoned the angles to to set Him free it would have been less painful for Him but, it would not have been LOVE. LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS!

  • Don’t be imprisoned by the prison of your mind because of past failures, past hurts, or because of past deception. Doing time in the prison of your mind is useless imprisonment that is a result of self-judgment, self-sentencing that is self-guarded. The key to your release is in your hands! Forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness of others and accepting God’s forgiveness is the key for setting yourself free! It is up to you!

  • LOVE is not depleted because you love, LOVE is depleted because you do not love! Love that is kept to oneself is LOVELESS.

  • Don’t be a giver-upper, be a picker-upper. Don’t be an accuser, be a forgiver. Don’t be a taker, be a giver. Don’t be a unbeliever, be a believer. Don’t be a deceiver be a truth bearer. Don’t be a compromiser, be a stabilizer. Don't be a peace-breaker, be a peacemaker. Don't be a hater, be a lover. Don't be a man-pleaser, be a God-pleaser.

  • Spread your wings and fly! Fly away from yesterday’s failures and guilt. Fly away from today’s fears and tears. Fly away from tomorrows scurries and worries. Fly FREELY into His arms of compassion, comfort, understanding and love.

  • Don’t cry because something positive and wonderful in your life is over, smile and be happy because it happened! Don’t cry because something negative and bad in your life happened, smile and be happy because it’s over! Laughing often and lovingly loving others will create in your heart a song that will carry you on wings of peace every day.

  • January 1st, this is the first day of the continuation of your life. What lies before you is a book of blank pages. You are the author of this book, why not entitle your book “OPPORTUNITY”! In every situation that presents itself you have the opportunity to make decisions and choices based on kindness and love toward others. In so doing you can rest assured that at the end of the year you will have LIVED LIFE and written your book in the hearts and lives of people.


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