Believers, Disciples of Christ.

As believers we need to be aware of personal ambition, control seeking, and finding our identity amongst certain groups or in the scripture, for seeking our identity by those things all flow from the flesh and will cause division and strife. By seeking our identity among groups or in scripture we fall into the trap of denominational segregation. This is more of a betrayal of the Kingdom to the world rather than a advancing of the Kingdom.

As believers we need to realize that the “buildings of worship” is not the “Church” it is only the buildings where, (though segregated) parts of His body meet. “God no longer dwells in buildings made by man”! Why do we set up buildings where oratory preachers share with the listeners who are pew-warmers who are denominational followers. Jesus is learned through LIFE, His LIFE is in us and by our daily living we are to impart His life to the people we meet daily during our daily living. We are called to make DISCIPLES not LISTENERS! We are called to be a functional part of one another, not an audience who comes together under a denominational banner.

Yes God has given gifts to His Church. He has given apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. But are these positional positions set up in denominational churches to entrench in people denominational interpretations of the scripture? Or are these individuals chosen among the Body of Christ to strengthen and equip us to live life as a loved child of God and to share that life with each other and the world? Instead of becoming disciples of Christ we become disciples of a denomination always dependent on the pastor for direction when we ought to be directed by Jesus the Head of His Church. Once their job is done, they gladly step back and observe the disciples of Christ working with Christ to advance His Kingdom and go on to disciple others. The problem with the positional position of the title is that it keeps us dependent on them for direction and we never learn to become disciples of Christ.

Scripture was never meant to be a means of finding our identity upon this earth, this is why we have so many denominations. “If we find our life, we shall lose it”. When we seek our identity in our own denomination we lose the power of God (the power of LOVE) to present to people around us the reality of the kingdom of God.

Our Identity is to be found only in Jesus!


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