How would your "church" fare if it was scrutinized?

I wonder, if the focus of the different churches  were open for scrutiny with regards to their allotment of time, energy, skills and budget, would it be found to be following in the footsteps of Jesus or would it be found wanting? Would it be found that the overwhelming percentage of time, energy, skills, budget and creativity are tied up in preparing for Sunday services, conferences and programs,  rather than on how to be effective as Believer? Jesus’ focus was on discipleship, relationships, and radical service to hurting people, His driving force was a overwhelming love for people.

As I read the New Testament I am perplexed as to how it was determined that sermons, worship time, songs and church going is what makes us most like Jesus. Would we not be more like Jesus if we had hands and feet that address the needs of people in society instead of being pew warmers with a big open mouth to be spoon fed by the professional clergy and becoming spiritually obese? Do we not place to much emphasis on preaching and singing and to little emphasis on serving and loving people in radical ways?

Can you find in scripture where you can point to the way we do church and say, yes this is what God wants? Are we existing to keep chugging along to keep the wheels of the system rolling, by saying; “I think I can, I think I can”,  trying to fulfill the Church’s mandate to make disciples while failing miserably in the vision Jesus has for the Church? I am not telling you to do away with your gatherings but to enlarge you boarders as to what you deem “church” to be.


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