Man’s Thoughts are not God’s Thoughts!

In Isa. 55:8-9, we are informed that God’s thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts and God’s ways are not our ways, as high as the heavens are higher than the earth so are His ways and thoughts higher than man’s ways and thoughts!

When we partake in discussions, arguing our point of view, and say, “well I wouldn’t believe in a God who would or wouldn’t do”...who would or wouldn’t what...something that you wouldn’t do, or think in a way that is different than you would think or understand. Isn’t that defining God to man’s way of doing or thinking? Is that not arrogantly elevating ourselves to God’s way of thinking and doing ability? Could there be a remote possibility that God’s sense of justice is actually more developed than man’s and that His love and mercy are perfect and we are the one’s that are lacking understanding even when we think we got it right?

When we make statements like; “well God wouldn’t do this or that,” We must understand that at that moment we are actually saying God wouldn’t think or act that way because we would not think or act that way. Whenever we come to passages that we find difficult to believe God would act in such a way, does it ever enter our mind that maybe He knows something that we don’t know regarding the situation.

Anytime we put an interpretation to a passage and claim that God wouldn’t do this or that because it is something we wouldn’t think or wouldn’t do, are we not in actual fact saying, “God I know better than you, my thoughts on the matter are as high as yours”, and aren’t we setting ourselves up as God thus, adding to the many “antichrists” that are already in the world (1 John 2:18), and thoroughly negating the passage of Isa. 55: 8-9?

I wonder, Is it possible that, mankind, including preachers, theologians, bishops, etc., cannot understand and comprehend a God who is Infinitely Loving and Merciful because we ourselves are not infinitely loving and merciful! Could it be possible that Gods acts and judgments, past, present and future are based on His love and mercy and not out of frustration and hate for people!

We must consider carefully what we say, because what we say may be based on our own flawed understanding of what God has done, is doing, and will do because our thoughts and ways are so much lower than His and the fact that our love and mercy is far, far below God’s perfect love, understanding and mercy regarding the matter at hand!

Remember, whatever situation you may find yourself in, one fact is assured...GOD LOVES YOU!


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