Spiritual Blindness!

Is the renewing, healing and word explosion conferences, the self-proclaimed revival meetings,  the self proclaimed professional prophets and apostles, the materialistic, lazy, , complacent believers, the arrogant, self-seeking, judgmental preachers pointing the finger of condemnation at others, really what life in Christ is about?

“Oh, yes, at the next conference God is going to show up, come and receive your personal prophecy,” and the following revival, "life changing",  and don’t miss the “God wants you wealthy seminar,” while the money keeps changing hands to get to religious guru’s bank account.  Most of us have fallen into this pattern of religiosity, feeling so spiritually alive, so spiritually on fire, so religiously acceptable, yet so SPIRITUALLY USELESS!

When was the last time you gave to the poor? I don’t mean to your LOCAL CONGREGATION. When was the last time you preached to the lost and not  to or against the people you have made into pew warmers? When was the last time you sat with the down-and-outer and loved them, not just give them a sandwich and a coffee?  Never...Yet you think you have the right THEOLOGY, and DOCTRINE.

It is not difficult to understand why the Lord said that the “first will be last and the last will be first.” The prostitutes and drug addicts and the destitute will have entrance into His kingdom faster than those that have adhered to the worldly-system of the modern church philosophy as a means to God.

Put on your mask you have built as a believer to hide your self-righteousness and spirituality and proceed to your “Bless Me Club”, the next "Make me feel good Conference and Revival Meeting, and stock up on your teaching CD’s and don’t forget to to give of your tithes and offerings” but, ask yourself the question, is this the kind of Church that Jesus said He would build?


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