Tragedy in the Modern Church!

The great tragedy of the modern church is that the event-driven-programs are so well organized they can operate void of the Spirit of God. It behooves us to stop and examine our lives to see if we have become satisfied with a form that simply uses His name as magic words in a formula rather than having an intimate relationship with Him that gives power to His name. A relational relationship with Jesus provides the dynamic power of a Living Jesus, who in reality has never left us. The seven-day-relationship with Him has been replaced by Sunday-Event-Driven-Religion and we are too busy preoccupied with the distractions of rule regulated religion to be aware of His Presence therefore unable, to move in His Power.

Each of us must take responsibility for our personal relationship with Christ. When He begins to take His proper place in our living daily, He ceases to be merely a event-driven-meeting God, a great teacher from the past, or the “founder” of the “Christian” religion. He becomes your teacher in the “NOW” with whom you are in relationship with. He ascends in our hearts until He fills all things! He becomes to us the Head of His Church that He has always been, He empowers us to do His will instead of us doing religion’s will!

When everything revolves around a sermon and a program, people may be taught about God, but little is learned about one another. So many misunderstandings develop between leaders and people, between the people themselves, simply because of the lack of genuine communication. There is a no One-Anothering!

Void of a relationship with God and settling for fellowship about God, the church world has become a business, struggling to simply maintain its own existence. This is not the church Jesus is building. His church is on the move, driving back the forces of hell! She rises to work with Him and with those she is called to serve. She ministers to the hurting and abused of society. In this we find a deeper part of His Heart, and tap into a wellspring of love’s power that empowers the believer for service to people.


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