What often takes place in Sunday-go-meetings, event-driven-conferences and self-proclaimed-revivals that is perceived as the power of Christ’s life manifested in the believers life is, in many ways, nowhere near to what the scriptures teach, and is not the life that Jesus meant for you to live daily as His Church to show the people around you that He is who the scriptures declare He is, the Son of the living God.

Response to a question regarding the above post.

Gathering together in His name is not the issue, it is the idea that what happens in the meeting together is the work of the "church" by the fact that it is known as going to "Church", treated as "Church", proclaimed to the world as "Church and BELIEVED by the promoters and participants as the "Church" that Jesus came to build.

Today, Church is presented as a Sunday or Event-Driven-Meeting when in fact it is seven-day-living in the power of His love as the Holy Spirit lives His life through believers to change the lives of the people around you.

Not only do people who participate in the meetings but most people in the world believe that it is Church and what takes place in the building is the Church in operation as taught in the scriptures.

In God's dealing with man in the beginning and His dealing with man in the end as revealed in Revelation...what is noticeably absent...TEMPLES, RELIGION... One of the reason's why Jesus came is to get the people who believe in Him, to represent Him in the earth in the unity of togetherness as His Church as He works together with His Church to accomplish His will and not the will of the segregated religious organizations.

Yes, come together and worship, but don't limit the "Church" by treating the coming together as the work of the Church and those who do not attend the function as backsliders or heathens.


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