Is there a religion out there that has a red phone to God? For some reason I don’t think so.

Religions are created by man to organize people into controllable groups and provide them somewhat with an identity, sense of belonging and to maintain their religious institution. Granted most religions have helped civilization externally to be good people by providing moral codes, rules of conduct, social organization and establish a sense of community among people of the same religion, some have helped by their outreach services and education to people.

But in to many cases this is a front to cover up its foundation of deception, illusion, manipulation, fraud and intolerance. Religion tries to change the outer man to look good and be respectable whose inside are full of decay and rot like white washed tombs. God on the other hand is about changing people from the inside out, a heart change instead of just a head change!

Each religion on earth today believes and wants everyone else to believe that they are the one and only true religion when in reality none of them are.

If left to themselves religions of today will herd civilization down the road to disaster and destruction because of a gross misunderstanding of the simplicity of man’s relationship with God and God’s relationship with man. The different religions of the world and their exclusiveness is in direct opposition to Christ’s prayer for unity and uniting as one as the Father and the Son are one.

Symbols, sacraments, ceremonies, fancy buildings, elaborate robes, platitudes, deception, secrecy, and psychological manipulation are not indicative of the Church that Jesus is building and is the Head of.  

We all need to take a fresh look at Jesus and the Church that He is building without the religious spectacles to shade and hide the reason for His Church being on this earth!


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