Restricting the Life of God.

When we restrict the life of God to within the four walls of a building, we rob His life of its vitality and only distinguish Christianity from other religions by claiming to have a more scriptural correct doctrine. Could that be why Jesus didn't teach His disciples how to gain a following or build institutions? He didn't teach them how to meet in Sunday-go-meetings with a worship team and a preacher to lecture the listeners. He didn't give them a prescribed set of religious behaviors that people were suppose to follow as the means to God or maintain a relationship with Him.

No, He invited people into his Father's household to share in a Father/son/daughter love relationship that would transform them from the inside out and open the way for them to share that love with others as a community of believers seven days a week. That you can't incorporate into Sunday religion, and trying to do so hinders any hope of relationship with God because religion necessitates relationship with religion. Putting creed, doctrine, rules and regulations above a maturing Father/son/daughter relationship with God and with people supplants the reality He offered us, no matter how correct our doctrinal discourse or how moral our ethics may be.

Meetings in buildings can be an extension of that relationship, but they cannot be the foundation, the formation nor the completion of that relationship. It is not so much where we meet, it is more why do we meet and what transpires when we meet!


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