Grace living is not an excuse to do whatever we please, known a license to sin as promoted by those who are opposed to the Grace message. The scriptures declare that it is Grace that teaches us to live holy lives. The perversion of Grace teaches that we must adhere to man-made rules and regulations to be holy and acceptable to God, that is legalism. Religion exerts subtle and on times overt pressure to conform outwardly to man-made standards. But Grace living is holding to the scriptures clear teachings, and never allows human rules to supersede the authority of Scripture.

In Grace living liberty is not kept in check by legalism, it is balanced by love for God and a love for people. Grace frees us to love God and people in loving service. In the area of conscience or things questionable we are encouraged by scripture to be self-controlled by considering how it will affect others and base our decision on the matter with love and understanding. We use our liberty in Christ to serve others.

In Grace living the emphasis is on being to do, not doing to be. Busyness in religion is not godliness; being like God is godliness. And godliness begins in the heart with the realization of who we are as God’s loved children through faith in Christ. Grace-oriented people encourages godliness by emphasizing growth in our personal love relationship with God and with people. Ministry and service come from a desire to honor God, not the mistaken belief that God is not pleased with us unless we are busy in “ministry.

In Grace living there is a sincere desire to share the message of God’s Grace and love as the Church with people in daily life. Grace living is living being the Church daily, Church is not programmed-event-driven meetings that people are obligated to attend. The “God of all Grace” desires to be in a love relationship with all people through His provision in Christ. His provision to show people that this relationship is genuine is His Church living life daily as the Church, living life is not lived inside of nor is it what takes place inside of buildings on Sundays.

Grace living is not the same as religious living!


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