RELIGION: is man doing for God in order to be accepted by religion. SALVATION: is God doing for man what is necessary to bring man into relationship with Himself.

RELIGION says: Something in my hand I bring that I may be accepted by and appease event-driven religion. SALVATION says: Nothing in my hand I bring for there is nothing I can do to be accepted by God, for Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient.

RELIGION is trusting in works to gain God’s approval. SALVATION is trusting in a work that has already been finished by Jesus.

RELIGION depends on our exterior behavior. SALVATION depends on heart believing and acceptance of the finished work of Christ.

RELIGION says we must act our best...acting is being something you are not, it is an outward performance without an inward change. SALVATION says we must accept God's best because no matter how good we are we cannot acquire God’s best.

RELIGION depends on the sufficiency of character that is measured by the keeping of rules and regulations. SALVATION depends Jesus as our Sacrifice and in the sufficiency of His sacrifice.

RELIGION tries to furnish a sacrifice for man to atone for his sins. SALVATION trusts in a finished sacrifice that is impossible for man to atone for.

RELIGION is striving attain God’s Love. SALVATION is secured through the perfect atonement and secure in God’s Love.

RELIGION tries to bring us from darkness to light. SALVATION brings us from death unto Life.

RELIGION says we must be found in “God's house” meaning a religious building. SALVATION says we must "Be found in him and Him in us because we are the temple of God and He no longer dwells in temples made with hands!


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