Celiberity Status Leaders!

In today's world of satellite-churches, mega-churches, TV pastor-performers and the internet the man ascribed power to pastors has grown in a the wrong direction. Now pastors have the ability to become celebrities and many of them think they are. Even pastors of smaller churches are treated as being on a higher spiritual plane than the congregations by the hierarchy, as well as the people in the pews. This gives pastors a unique power of influencing people and the media at the same time. 

Maybe you think this is a positive.  But, with pastors acting as founders...producers...writers...motivators...the single source pipeline from God to the people...you name it, the functions (mistaken by men-of-the-cloth as a position or office) in Ephesians 4:11 are misrepresented.  God’s people, His Church are gifted to operate in those functions but, that would mean officiating positioned, pastors teachers, evangelists etc. would no longer have a one-man-show to create their celebrity status...but isn’t encouraging ONE-ANOTHERING what the scriptures advise us to do in our assembling? 

Some reading this are in shock, quoting 1 Chronicles 16:22 “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm” are concluding that I am an heretic. Pastors always quote this scripture, to scare the not so informed "laity". This in context is simply a song of praise that David wrote speaking of how God protects his people.  The anointed that were not to be touched were all of God’s people and not just his prophets.  If we were to take it at face value, it means NOBODY is to do harm to God’s people, INCLUDING LEADERS because all of God’s people are anointed!

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