Is the same spirit that Nicolaitans were influenced by, influencing people today?

The spirit that controlled the Nicolaitan’s deeds meets with despicable detest in the scriptures. In Revelation 2:6 we read; “But this you have, (referring to the Church in Ephesus) that you hate the deeds of the Nicolitans, which I also hate”. We are admonished by our Lord in the next verse that if we have an ear to hear “let him ear”, hear what, “what the Spirit has to say” about the deeds of tis group.  According to Strong’s Concordance the word means “conquerors of the ‘laity’”. Today’s structure of religion regarding the “five fold” ministry (which is far from the five fold ministry of the early Church) is indeed controlling the “laity”. Their training by the various religious seminaries has left them with the idea that they are the boss controller and the leaders are the ears to hear God’s voice for the people. Leaders by not allowing others to minister are denying the scriptural context found in 1 Cor. 14:26; “..Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification”. Today’s religious hierarchy structure denies this practice by denying the involvement of the people, except to the ones whom they choose and deem worthy to be involved.

The justification for this denial is the absurd understanding that “We are Seminary Trained for the job and our diploma and the letters behind my name substantiates that”. Or, “there would be chaos and disorder if we allowed an open service. That thinking is in direct opposition to Paul’s teaching that an open service is the norm and it is without chaos and an accusation that the Holy Spirit does not know how to lead the people! We NEED to LEARN how such a coming together of the saints works if we are to have a New Testament Church!

The Nicolaitan spirit is fostered in religion today. Religion has the Church under its control by having conquered the “laity” They are boss and we dare not question this practice. They are the sole authority, and do not question their authority, if you do you will be labeled a heretic, strife-breeder and find yourself on the outside looking in.

It is time to stand for the truth of God’s Word despite how we may be viewed by the church hierarchy.

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