The Island of Neutrality!

The Island of Neutrality has the heart of many believers. Though more and more believers are leaving the island of Neutrality is still overpopulated. The call to believers is to vacate the island of Neutrality and leave it desolate.

How can we determine if we are living on the island of Neutrality?

1, We are neither HOT nor COLD...we live in the comfort of lukewarmness.
2, We are complacent when it comes to living in the atmosphere of  Heaven on earth. We are more interested in bringing the atmosphere of earth to Heaven rather than bringing the atmosphere of Heaven to earth.
3, We want to walk in Heaven when we die, but we want to walk worldly while we live on earth.
4, We talk about the cross, we sing about the cross, we preach about the cross, but do not want to carry or die on the cross.
5, We just want the happy medium, live and let live, take stock of today with no thought of what our actions or inaction will have on tomorrow.
6, We want to be accepted and respected by all and rejected by none, therefore we lower our standards and conform to a worldly system.
7, We will accept man's approval, but reject God's disapproval.
8, We are satisfied with doing church at event-driven meetings rather than being the Church in daily living.
9, We show love to the lovely and to those who agree with our philosophy but refuse to show it to the unlovely and to those who disagree with our philosophy.
10, We are more concerned about what people think of us rather than what God thinks of us.
11, We go with the flow of man's perception of Who God is rather than in the flow of the scriptural reality of Who God is.
12, We want the spectacular gifts from God without devotion to God. We want God to be our “santa clause,” give me this, give me that, do this, do that, without Him being our Lord!

It is time, not only to move off the island of Neutrality, but also to sink it!

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