Religious Christianized People.

Religious christianized people are good at signaling out the “unbeliever” who doesn’t fluently speak the Christianized language of religiosity. They can easily identify the people from weak doctrinal backgrounds because they keep cutting themselves and others, as they try to saturate the  weak doctrinal minds with their sharp forked tongue as it speaks forth their brand of theology soaked doctrine, trying to impress people with their theological knowledge.

But, are these types of people conducive to being the building blocks in the Church that Jesus is building? Can Jesus fit them in His Church when they believe they are the group with the right doctrines, believing they have the mind of Jesus because they deem their theology correct? Will Jesus jointly fit these squares into a round hole where He may desire to fit them?

That kind of know-it-all dogmatic attitude is a danger to the Church of Jesus Christ because of its perceived rightness therefore, making themselves unteachable by the Holy Spirit. They read but do not heed nor believe they have need of the “Holy Spirit” as their teacher. One can conclude this because of their heeding the man-teacher and have closed ears that refuse to ear the Spirit-teacher!

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