We need God's DIRECTION and to follow His DIRECTION we have to be willing to accept His CORRECTION.

Many denominational believers are well versed in the Bible and seem to be knowledgeable in the workings of the human mind and personality. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, and should not be depreciated. It is possible for it to, and to a large degree it has, get in the way of God's purpose and our hearing God, if that knowledge is not surrendered to Him in a love relationship. With all of the knowledge and organization the modern church possesses, it appears that spiritual life that comes from relationship with God is missing and  because of the noise of man-made-religion believers in the modern church are are not hearing God’s voice for themselves due to religious interference.

The Spirit of God is not going to breathe life into our old religious ways of doing things. He will not put NEW WINE into OLD BOTTLES! That is why we must submit more fully to His DIRECTION and CORRECTION, as we journey in this relationship together. Changes will only happen both internally and externally as He molds and shapes our motives and character and corrects and redirects many of our habits and practices.

The simplicity of Christ has to replace the centuries of complexity that man has heaped upon the Church. A flaming love and passion for Him and people will consume the years of cold liturgy of doctrinal misunderstanding that has preoccupied and is still preoccupying so many denominations.

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