In Rememberance!

Today my thoughts are towards those who paid the ultimate price that you and I might have freedom.

Their sacrifice of separation from loved ones, their loneliness and the physiological suffering, from the images embedded in their memory, is something that most of us who are reaping the benefits obtained from their dedication have never experienced. The hardship of living in trenches, riding the tanks, sailing their ships, flying their aircraft, walking the trails, all the while never knowing if they would survive the day, yet with bravery and reserve they fulfilled their mission so that we and the people of the world could enjoy freedom. I THANK each and every one of the men and women who by the way they lived and are living demonstrated they loved others, many whom the will never know or ever see. May the ones who have passed rest in peace and the ones still living enjoy the peace they have provided for us. LET US NOT FORGET!

I am also reminded of the sacrifice of One who suffered beyond the capability of the pen to express the agony, pain and rejection as the chastisement of our peace was upon Him. He took upon Himself the sin of humanity to bring humanity into relationship with God and free us from the tyranny of sin and selfishness. He offers us the solution to end all war and strife and it is not in the weaponry of war. If all people would accept and demonstrate His LOVE there would be no more war! His name is Jesus! LET US NEVER FORGET!


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