Maybe we should work from a “Don’t Do List” rather than a “Do List”

Don't think that I know it all, especially when it attains to the things of God.
Don't condemn people because they do not believe the way I do.
Don't dig out the faults of people to plant in other people.
Don't criticize people.
Don't judge people
Don't hold grudges.
Don't be unforgiving to people.
Don't belittle people.
Don't be a deceiver.
Don't be a liar.
Don't be unkind to people.
Don't be unfriendly to people.
Don't think that my religion is the right is better to think that no religion is the right religion.
Don't put religion above relationship.
Don't blame God for your adverse circumstances.
Don't play the shame and blame game.
Don't cater to division in the Body of Christ, cater to unity.
Don't get caught in the trap of doing church rather than being the Church.
Don't get caught in the performance trap to gain man's or God's approval.
Don't be a run off at the mouth preacher, be a life living preacher.
Don't be religious, be Godly.
Don't love things and use people, love people and use things.
Don't put religious duty above family.
Don't believe that Church life is what happens behind four walls at event driven meetings, Church life is life living, seven day a week.
Don't be a hypocrite, be real.
Don't view the Bible as a book of do's and don'ts, view it as a road map that leads to Jesus.
Don't be a taker, be a giver.
Don't be a strife breeder, be a peace maker.


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