Moving Beyond where you are is your Choice.

Though I write about the fallacy of the religious system and share why I believe the system is an hinderance to the kingdom of God, my objective is not to get you to change to my way of thinking. If you change because I convince you, another may come along and convince you otherwise and you will end up being more confused in your confusion. 

The heart of my writing is information, and to that end I have given my best in the honesty of my writing. But as for me, I am totally indifferent as to whether it is accepted by you or not. I leave the convincing to the capabilities and abilities of the Holy Spirit who is qualified beyond measure to do what I cannot do, nor should do. Please realize though, that as long as you read differences of opinion with a closed mind due to your accepted influence of your environmental surroundings, the Holy Spirit is not going to teach you further revelation on any belief that you have concluded that you know all there is to know on the matter. 

The choice to move beyond where you are is yours!

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