You are a product of the Choices you make.

Life is all about choices, our choices determine who we are and where we are today and where we are going. Touching others, and being touched by the acts of others is determined by the choices we make. Life is about who we really are. It's about finding our true selves and being honest about what we feel and what we believe every hour of every day.
It is of paramount importance that each of us never surrender those things we know are right and true within ourselves in order to be accepted by the religious world. To do so will leave us feeling like we've betrayed the foundations of who we are. Never surrender the honesty of your hopes, your dreams, or your values, no matter hoe pressured you are to do so. In the end, the person you really have to live with 100 % of your life time isn't your parents, your friends, or those who pressure you into doing things their way. You have to live with YOU. Life is not about being the best preacher, the best teacher, the best lawyer, the best president or the best prime minister. 
In life be the best YOU, you can be and with the help of God, YOU can be the best YOU, you can be!


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