Truth is Absolute BUT....

Truth is absolute, but is being correct and having the right truth enough? We need to be careful how we use the truth we know. Truth was never meant to be a weapon used to advance a particular brand of religion. When we use truth in this manner it warps the believers ability to see others through the love and compassionate eyes of their Maker. It causes a low theological and practical view of others by trumping truth over the value of people!

We are to LOVE people with TRUTH not use it as a weapon to beat them into conforming to our brand of religion or even use truth to blindside them into accepting salvation. The value of other people is not tied to them accepting our truth, even if our truth is right. When viewing people through the eyes of what we believe to be truth it blinds us from seeing the inherent value that God gives them as people and sets us up to be their JUDGE, JURY and EXECUTIONER by believing  their belief is untrue because it does not line up with what we think is truth. This instills in people the wrong view of God and His gospel!

God is LOVE therefore, LOVE is TRUTH because God is TRUTH! Advance the kingdom of God by demonstrating the honesty that is inherent in the TRUTH of LOVE!


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