Are "Bible Churches" "Bible Churches?

What is ironic about religious denominations that claim the Bible is their ultimate guide is that different denominations have their own way of doing things and each do things their own way. Preachers proclaim, "we do everything according to the Bible in this Church", indicating that there are other churches that do not. Yet very little is practiced that coincides with the Bible. The statement is also a contradiction to the Bible where it states, there is but one body of Christ thus, one Church!

Where in the Bible do it say that going to the “Sunday-go-programmed-meetings in named tag buildings is going to Church, Church is a life to be lived and life is not lived in Sunday-go-meetings. Where in the bible is Church a one-man show?

Assembling in the New Testament was about participation, interaction and fellowship where each member was caring and sharing the richness of relationship with God in encouragement and hymns. Today, fellowship is a few minutes you might get to say hello or goodbye in the foyer once the program is over. Church today is a performance by the chosen few, in the New Testament it was never a performance and it was a personal participation by all.

Many churches have "Alter Calls" at the end of their service where they prod the people to come to the alter and meet with God about their problem. You guessed it; it's not in the Bible! Where do you find that people had to sign membership cards to be accepted into the fellowship. Where was "Associate Pastor", "Visiting Pastor", "Prayer Pastor", or any other of our new concepts of "Pastor" found in the Bible?

These things may not be wrong in and of themselves. But for all that is Biblical: can they say they do everything by the Bible! Very little of what is done in modern day church's has anything to do with the Bible. How could it? The New Testament Church didn't even have a Bible.

What did all those Christians after Paul's time do to have a relationship with God? After Christ returned to heaven there was about fifteen hundred years of Believers who didn't have a Bible in their home. How in the world did they keep close to God without a Bible to study every day?

It's interesting that we tell people the way they get close to God is by reading their Bible regularly. The Pharisees not only did this, but they went on to memorize large portions of Scripture and even wore articles of clothing to remind them daily of what they had read. However, when God stood right in front of them in the flesh, they didn't recognize Him from Adam. Jesus later told the people that the two most important commandments were to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul" and He said "the second commandment is like the first...Love your neighbor as yourself". Then he said, "All of the law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments". He was literally saying that if you love, you will become the Bible! I have heard many times over the pulpit, “be careful how you act because to only Bible some will see is you”. That is because LOVE is the embodiment of the entire Bible. Once again: the Bible is a road map that leads to Christ. Who is Christ? Love in the flesh!


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