How do you hear from God?

Once we are in relationship with the Jesus of the Bible, the Word is living in us Believers have basically been taught that they are incapable of receiving directly from God in that we have to go to Sunday-programed-event-driven-meetings to listen to the more spiritual professional preachers tell us about God so we can get to know Him. When people receive God's Spirit into their heart, they not only receive the WORD, but they get His words as well and He is quite capable of communicating with them. Preachers may be an avenue that God uses to communicate to people but we have been led to believe it the primary way if not the only way!

Sadly people subscribe to a religion that pretty much encourages them to have a relationship with their religious persuasion, through the Bible, over a relationship with God Himself. This is why so many people have a problem with trading dead religion for relationship; relationship with God and with people requires real intimacy and that is intimidating to most of us because it is easier to live by religions rules and regulations to look spiritual.

The Bible, the letter about Jesus is not to be read over and over without actually connecting with Him.

Our teachings have turned the Bible into a two-way communication between us and God. Preachers preach, "The main way God speaks to us is through the Bible". They tell people that when they pray; it's them talking to God, and when they read the Bible; it's God talking to them. For the most part we have all been taught that unless we are reading the Bible we will never hear from God.

I am not suggesting that God can't speak to us through the Bible or the Bible’s value to us as believers. He can speak to us through scripture or any other book He chooses to. I'm just questioning the mindset that believers have, in that this is the main PURPOSE of Scripture, or the only way God chooses to talk to us. The main PURPOSE of scripture is to point us to Jesus and how He desires to be in a relational relationship with us through His accomplishment so that He lives His life through us as believers to fill the earth with His glory.


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