Is there a Problem with Church as Usual?

The problem with church as  usual, is that for the most part, it is nothing more than mutual accommodation of self-need. Some people need to lead. Some need to be led. Some want to teach, others are happy to be pew warmers. Rather than become an authentic demonstration of God’s life and love in life living, it ends up being a group of people who have to protect their particular religious view . The result is less of God’s life and more of people’s insecurities that cling to those things they think will best serve their needs… Religion survives by telling us we need to fall in line or the judgement of God will befall us.

Institutionalism breeds same belief-based friendships. As long as you’re participating and agreeing with the constitution of the institution, you can be friends. When you question their system you are treated like the black sheep who needs to be watched.

History reveals that most human systems will eventually dehumanize the very people it seeks to serve. But not everyone in a system is given over to the antics of that system. Some people walk inside the system without being given over to it. They live in Father’s life and graciously help others as He gives them opportunity.

But, Jesus didn’t leave us with a system he left us with His Spirit!. Rules. regulations and principles alone will not satisfy  spiritual hunger. That’s why the religious system always promise a future revival that never materializes. Religious systems cannot produce community because they are designed to keep people apart. It is my opinion that most Sunday-go-meetings give people enough spirituality to inoculate them against the reality of His presence where things are less important than living reality in His presence.

It is not adopting a church model that will produce God’s life in us. It works the other way around. Our life in God, shared together, expresses itself as the Church. It is the outflow of His life in us. You can tinker with church models and principles forever and still miss out on what it means to live deeply in Father’s love and share that love with the people around you.

People who are growing in their relationship with God will hunger for real connections with His family. He is the God of community fellowship. That’s His nature, and knowing Him draws us into that community fellowship, not only with God Himself, but also with others who know Him without excluding those who do not know Him! It is not out of obligation that we meet. It is His gift and our privilege to come together as an encouragement and service to others.

It’s nourishing for the body of Christ to assemble with other members and share His life together. Where people are doing that they won’t need to be obligated to attend religious meetings. The unity of spirit will draw them together for mutual edification. Other than that, it does little good just to be committed to attend an obligated meeting.

Sometimes church life is best experienced and expressed in a conversations with across-our-path people in living daily life. Sometimes it expressed in a larger conversational gathering that a meeting place might facilitate where dialogue sharing rather than monologue lecturing should be the focus.

As believers, live in Him first; then we’ll see how He brings His body together by believers desiring to walk together as an expression of community...listening to God together, sharing their lives and resources, encouraging and caring for each other as His life is working out through us in doing His will. When we learn to follow Jesus ourselves and help others to do the same, we’ll find body life springing up all around us

Obligated assembling is only necessary when our spiritual experience is ineffective or lifeless. When people are living in the life of Jesus, they will treasure every opportunity to connect with other brothers and sisters in Christ. It will not be something they have to do, but something they desire to do and wouldn’t ever want to live without.


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