Truth Wars!

The religious world basically classes believers into two groups, clergy, and laity, leaders and followers. The followers follow the leaders as they lead down divergent paths due different beliefs. Truth wars stem from adherents to denominations believing they are more right then another denominational group. Truth wars are still active today, as  different groups try people to become followers to convert and join their particular group, this causes much hindrance to the unifying of the Body of Jesus Christ!

The motto, “I am right, you are wrong” or “My group is more right than your group” philosophy is written all over denominations, even though many may not verbalize it. Others are as bold to claim that if you do not believe and accept what our brand of religion teaches, then you are “hell bound” on a roller coaster ride, destination, the “hot spot”. Some religions keep people captive by keeping followers fearful of eternal damnation for disobedience to the church, or by the promise of blessings for doing as their church particular creed of conduct spells out.

Other religions adamantly maintain that they promote and support freedom in Christ. They do believe in the freedom of being able to practice their brand of religion and the freedom to mandate their members to adhere to their beliefs by signing membership forms in order to be in good standing with the denomination.  But, the freedom whereby Christ makes us free, they themselves are enemies of. People in religion dare not question the accepted doctrines, regulatory controls, nor the hierarchy decisions for fear of being blacklisted as a trouble maker or a strife breeder and become an outcast, though the teaching of Christ may warrant such questioning.

Truth wars are fought for naught, for not one religion can say “we have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to a doctrinal belief system. 



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