What about the Bible?

I realize that my honesty with regard to the subject of this post may cause me to be called a heretic, open to ridicule and condemnation because I do not believe the translation you hold in your hand is inspired, but, be that as it may. I would welcome your comments as to why you believe that the translation you hold in your hand is inspired.

The Bible is a subject of great curiosity and controversy for most people, especially amongst people who say they their belief is based on the Bible! Though some religions have different holy books they  maintain that they all say basically the same thing but, are these books truly the word of God? The translation of the original scriptures, including the KJV, were penned by men. Men chosen not by God but, by kings and the hierarchy structure of religion, these men were not inspired as was were the writers of the original manuscripts. 

Here is a quote by Richard Wurmbrand the author of "The Voice of the Martyrs".

"The Bible is a wonderful book. It is the truth about the Truth. It is not the Truth. A sermon taken from the Bible can be a wonderful thing to hear. It is the truth about the truth about the truth. But it is not the Truth. There have been many books written about the things contained in the Bible. They can be quite wonderful to read. They are the truth about the truth about truth about the truth. But they are NOT the Truth. Only Jesus Christ is the Truth. Sometimes the Truth can be drowned in a multitude of words."

I believe in the inspiration and accuracy of the original texts of the scripture, however, for the translations from those texts there is no evidence they were inspired, not only that, ecclesiastical ambition greatly influenced the translation putting a twist on the translating. Historically, this love letter from God that we call the Bible was shaped into a scepter of power in the hands of popes and kings to further sustain their power over the masses. This reached new heights at a time when bishops sought the approval of kings to authorize translations that had been purposefully skewed toward their ecclesiastical paradigm.

To some, the idea of a conspiracy is unbelievable, because they believe they possess the unadulterated truth. They hold it in their hands, professing that it is the ultimate authority, the only true Bible, the authorized Bible, the King James Bible. Authorized by whom? No less than King James himself! King James did his part in preserving the conspiracy.

If God is a benevolent God, as the Bible says, why do Christians believe He is to be feared. Many times we’ve heard someone say, "He is a God fearing man." Why would benevolence inspire fear?

According to the Bible, God does not approve of gossip; but how many, "God-fearing people," gossip? Some Christians use social get-togethers specifically so they can gossip, or at the very least, listen to some. There are preachers who use the “sacred pulpit” to spread gossip, the congregation then spreads the gossip further. Yet they call themselves “God-fearing people”!

The Bible itself, is subject to interpretation and it appears that man has taken many liberties in the interpretation of it, for self serving ends, this is evidenced by the vast number of denominations that are in existence.

I am sure that the Bible is a source of faith and comfort and means something different to each reader; a personal  thing where comfort, satisfaction and help is received by the reading of it. However, it is more often used as a tool to control the lives of others by theological hierarchal religious governments; the Pope, in 1199, banned so-called unauthorized versions of the Bible. Whose job is it to authorize the bible? Is it a man’s job? Then there was the religious wars...I wonder what version was promoted by the Inquisitors?

Don't forget the Church of England and its humble beginnings. Henry the VIII created his own religion because the Pope would not let him get divorced under the doctrine of the Bible. Henry didn't create his own version of the Bible, but created his own religion, making himself the equivalent of its Pope.

All of this leads me to question the validity of the accepted belief of some, that the KJV translation, or any of the other translations are inspired.

The KJV Bible, though not inspired nor without translation error may be one of the best translations we have. Though the original manuscripts were inspired the copies of the original that the KJV was translated from were not. The original was not a manual of rules containing the do’s and don’ts of religion that one must follow to get to God and please Him. The translators under the direction of kings and the religious hierarchy to use words that would help them maintain the control of people, that is not inspiration, it is manipulation!

View the Bible as a love letter and a guide map from God leading people along the path to a relational journey with God through Jesus. (The Word), that is authenticated by a love relationship with people.

When we really get serious about the Bible we will see it is a path to Christ (The WORD) and it will become evident that it is not book to argue over nor is it a rule book to follow. Rules and laws fail because there is no going back when you break a rule leading some to play the shame and blame game which leads to condemnation.

But it is easy to step back on a path after you’ve stepped off. Rules are static but a path is dynamic, it twists and turns and a path will carry us through any terrain. Not only that but you can’t break a path, if our faith becomes all about rules like it was for the Levite or the Priest in the account of the good Samaritan, it is possible to break the rules in order to be apart of God’s work and feel justified in doing so. If we treat our faith like a journey, God will work His work in us and through us as we walk along on the journey of life.


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