How To Deal With Life after the Death of a Loved One!

Dealing with a loved one’s death is traumatic to say the least. We hurt because of the physical loss of our loved one, sorrow and grief are normal but, to stay in morbid morning is detrimental to our physical and spiritual life and to the life of those around us that we love. 
To help ourselves out of the despair and pain we need to embrace trust in God and faith to believe what lies beyond death. 
One reason for our prolonged sorrow and unhappiness is that our happiness is defeated by death because death is more real to us then the spiritual bliss that follows for the loved one that has passed. We need to see life through the lens of a new and living hope rather than through the lens of pain and despair. When a loved one dies it is useless to search for satisfaction in the world for none will be found. Our happiness will be found in the hope we have in of Jesus Christ, the hope of spending eternity with Him in an atmosphere of bliss. It is through fixing our hope in the light of eternity that we see clearly the joyous pleasures of this life! 
If we live our live as a believer in slumber  and do not experience life in Christ and fail to see the bliss of eternity with Him and the reuniting with loved ones we will be dissatisfied with this life  and we will live a life of  overwhelming despair and unhappiness.


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