Grace, Part 2

The Gospel of Grace is an all important life-changing truth of scripture. "Gospel" means "good news".  Some believers carelessly toss around the word "grace" without knowing the Scriptural foundation for it. A lot of what believers believe about God's grace is a perversion of true grace. Opponents of the grace message use phrases like, “cheap grace” or “the lazy believer’s gospel” to mock and discredit the grace gospel. It is important to understand that because God's grace comes free to people...doesn't mean it's "cheap” or “easy". Grace cost Jesus a great price...and he paid that price for you because you are valuable to God! Would you call everything Jesus suffered at the cross "cheap"? Could you look Jesus in the eyes and tell Him, "Your cross and your blood was a cheap price to pay"? Those who use these terms don't know the meaning of God’s grace and are opposing the gospel of Jesus without knowing it. Yet, many are professing Christians...who are duped by their “spiritual leaders” or, should I say; “unspiritual leaders”.

The only way to enjoy God's grace is to recognize you can't buy it, work for it or perform for it. Receiving God's grace has nothing to do with religion or whether you attend a building call church that segregates you from people in other buildings because of religious beliefs that is also known as churches!

By the term "Church" I am not talking about a church building, religious organization or denomination. In the New Testament the term "Church" comes from the Greek word "ekklesia" meaning "a called out people". The New Testament Church consists of all believers...a "called out" company of people. The Church is something that Jesus is building...Jesus said, "I will build MY CHURCH and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". What many call "the church" is not the Church that Jesus said He would build!

Paul is the apostle to the Gentiles (Rom. 11:13). It is a unique and special appointment. It is clearly stated that the gospel Paul preached was given to Him by Jesus was for the Gentiles. The word "Gentiles" describes all peoples not under the authority of the Mosaic Law. The Law is something God gave specifically to Israel (the Jews...also known as the gospel of circumcision). The religious world tends to ignore this fact and redefines the gospel message Paul preached to fit Judaic religious tradition. The unintended consequence of redefining the gospel of grace given by Jesus is confusion, fear, control and spiritual bondage for God's children in the prison of religion. It distorts God's character and our conception of Him. Yet, to most believers who fail to discern truth, it appears to be solidly based on Scripture. Yet, Scripture is used out of context to defend what Paul calls "another gospel".


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