Benchmark of Spiritual Success.

In the religious setting the benchmark of success is more about quantity than quality, doing than being, tithing than good tiding, bondage than freedom, information than transformation, self-focused consumers than sacrificing servants and man control rather than Spirit control.

A search of scripture reveals there is a big difference between what we know about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit operation than what takes place in the Sunday-programmed-event-meeting. I believe there is to much man control and to little Holy Spirit control.

Man control results in human size results and leaves the people wondering where the Spirit size results are or, if there is any such thing as Spirit size results.

Within the confides of religion there are to many sub-spiritual people attributing super-spirituality to self-proclaimed supernatural people who call down supernatural power at their whim. Sorry to break your egotistic spiritual bubble...but, no human is or will be supernatural other than the man Christ Jesus!

The supernatural power of the supernatural God living in the supernatural Christ, living in natural people in the person of the supernatural Holy Spirit needs to be given control and the supernatural will work through our lives!

Without the moving of the Spirit of God all Sunday-programmed-event-driven-meetings are purely a man-made creation where there is a lot of talk about religious ways yet, void of God’s presence and power!


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