Did Jesus Condemn People for Breaking the Law?

A problem with the religious mentality is that it completely disregards the heart condition of people, their culture and their circumstances. It forces a one-size-fits-all standard on everyone, regardless of the circumstances. Such rational is absolutely heartless and compassionless because it’s based on knowledge rather than love. It assumes that every rule and regulation within religion is for every person of every generation no matter their circumstance, that shows a blatant  disregard of their past or present. People are forced into a mould of their religious persuasion and if a person refuses to fit the mold they have to move to a different religious mould until they find one they fit comfortable into.

There is a scriptural account in the Bible where Jesus told the people that Moses allowed them to divorce, even though the law forbade it, because he knew their hearts were hard. Moses goes to God and gets the 10 commandments. He literally watches the fire of God carve each commandment into stone tablets on the side of the mountain, and when he comes down to the people he takes the liberty of changing things around because he knew the people weren’t ready for it. What is amazing is that when Jesus is later speaking to the crowd about it, He gives us no indication that He disagrees with what Moses did. Isn’t that astounding! 

Moses had heart. He had a BIG heart. Imagine changing the law around like that because you think it’s too hard on your particular generation. That takes guts, and yet even though Moses did this, God doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Rather than tell the world that Moses was wrong and he had no right to do that, Jesus explains Moses’ reasoning as though the decision to change the law was entirely up to Moses at the time.

Did Moses not share the law with them at this particular time because he knew that they could not keep the law and the people were not ready to even receive the law so they would come the realization they could not keep the law? Was the stress of trying to keep the law to much for them at that particular time thus Moses made the decision  not to burden them?


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