Do we have an Inaccurate View of God?

An inaccurate view of God produces an inaccurate view of ourselves and other people. It produces an inaccurate view of heaven, hell and our purpose in life. It produces an inaccurate view of godliness, holiness, relationships and who the Church and what its purpose is.

I am also deeply aware that the way I viewed God as a religionist was instrumental in the misunderstood way I understood God. My understanding of God was so different as a religionist than the way I now understand Him through the lens of Jesus, who was the express image of God on earth.

The things as a religionist that I believed would help me to be favored and loved by God more...avoid drinking, drugs, movies, swearing, separate from people who were unbelievers was due to my inaccurate view of God.

This inaccurate view of God prevents us from being who we are supposed to be and prevents us from experiencing all that He desires for people whom He loved so much He died for.

The heart of the problem of being lukewarm, unloving, self-centered, halfhearted, and a separatist, with a complex of superiority that leads us to believe that God loves us more than other people because we are religious stems from the inaccurate way we view God!

If the Church is to be the Church it is imperative that we understand the misunderstood God! God is much more than organized religion and its understanding of Him.

It is time to shut out the noise of our past, the noise of our present and the noise of religion and in silence gaze on our Gracious Grace Giving God and view Him through the lens of Jesus. Through reflection get to understand Him and His purpose for us as believers so that our love for Him and His love for us is shared so people will understand that His love for them is no less than His love for us.


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