How would Religion Survive if there was no Hell?

Some people after sitting through Sunday-programmed-event-driven-meetings or week long revival meetings, feel as if they went through hell…I that because preachers are trying to sell hell! If religion did not sell the fear of hell would religion cease to exist? Religion is portrayed as a system that is filled with good intentions and good will and I have been told by religious ministers in religious meetings that “the road to hell is paved with both”....Mmmmm, that causes me to wonder...are they also on a slippery path to hell!, don’t jump to accusing me that I said “they were”...but, it causes me to wonder!

If there was no hell to go to...then what? If it wasn’t for the selling of hell would religion survive? I could religion convince people to come to God, what would be their selling point to get people to join their religion. Would the religious preachers stilled be fired up to win souls to the kingdom of God if there was no hell to fear? Is the fear of hell the greatest reason to be a follower of Christ?

Escaping hell is not the purpose of the Gospel!

The result of something is not necessarily the purpose of something. The result of something may be a benefit of the broader scope of the purpose. Am I living in delusion by thinking that religion has not seen the broader scope of the gospel because of their narrow mindedness?

There is a broader scope to the GOSPEL than a hell to shun and...dare I say it...a heaven to gain!


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