Is Grace Life a Life of Inactivity?

The grace life is not a life of inactivity, God did not give us His abundant grace for us to waste by treating this world as a waiting room, Then go to heaven! 

This world is a divine workshop where because of His grace we rest from OUR doing because we are grounded in BEING an expression of His life in this world as He works His life through us. BEING in Christ does not mean there is no DOING! It does means the doing is not a legalistic list of do's or don'ts, it is being in Him actively involved in doing what He is doing through us by participating in the expression of Divine Life in this world. 

When we understand that we live in union with Deity, we want to do things that honor Him in this life! Our life is a unique expression of His infinite life and love. Our life is a part of eternity’s divine drama. It is the love story of Jesus Christ and us and other people. His grace empowers us we will accomplish our role with confidence and live out our life in a active way that we. Influence the people of the world for God. 

Grace activity is greater than legalistic religious activity!


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