Spiritual Validation.

A great discredit to the gospel of Jesus Christ is that many leaders in christendom are using manipulation to control people by creating hype and alluding to it as spirituality while working the illusion to convince people that God is real! The hype that is created appeals to the carnal nature of man through the hyped charged atmosphere that becomes further illusionary by promises of a Santa-Clause-God who will give people prosperity and immediate gratification from life struggles, “for a financial gift to their ministry...of course”.

No wonder people are turned off from God while the deluded people sink further into the delusionary delusion illusion. 

Do not validate a preacher by the affected tone of his voice, by his rhetoric, by the prosperity afforded him by his manipulation of the gospel in order to fleece the gullible, nor his flashes of wit or by the large crowds that may follow his illusionary spiritually because of His charismatic show-man-ship laced with spiritual overtones to validate the deception.

Validate Him by his love relationship with God and with people. Does he love-walk his love-talk? Is he people oriented or playing the people to feed his egoistical success ego? Is he really loving people or manipulating people?

Many preachers are like empty orators who run off at the mouth, but only provide a drop of spiritual nourishment to validate their manipulative deceptions to deceive people!

According to Jesus; LOVE in action is the validation criteria!


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