Proper Understanding Broadens our Purpose!

Who will be honest enough to admit they have read portions of the Bible without understanding what they were reading? I admit, I have and I still do. To truly understand the truth of the Old Testament we must first understand the truth of the stories of New Testament as pertaining to Christ!

A proper understanding of the NT as pertaining to the Church will give us a different understanding of doing “church”, in fact, we will come to the proper conclusion that “Church” is not about DOING but about BEING. Also we would experience a rich, accurate and exciting life living experience that is not confined to Sunday-event-driven meetings, week long seminars or revival meetings. Instead we would experience a living breathing atmosphere of the heart and mind of Christ in experiencing Church as life living in living life daily!

We would move beyond the narrowness of the narrow minded people running the narrow minded religions as a segregated routine gathering of narrow like minded people in buildings called churches. We would have a fuller understanding of the big picture that under-girds the accomplishments that followed the birth of the Church that Jesus established.

We would understand the working pattern that reflects the ultimate purpose of God in sending Jesus to have a community of believers on earth that rightly expresses His character in a visible way in daily life.

If we are going to penetrate the deception of what we have accepted as to who and what the Church is, we are going to have to be open minded enough to at least realize that there may be more to Church than what we now know and practice as Church!


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