The Jesus People See.

As believers we have a awesome opportunity regarding people and their recognition and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

We are also on times responsible for people’s rejection of Jesus because of their ignorance of who He is and what He is about because of our misunderstanding of who He is and what He is about.

A misunderstanding of who He is and what He is about is a result of how people perceive the Church and its relationship to Jesus portrayed by those who claim to be His followers.

The church established by christ-ians of consisting Sunday-programmed meetings, segregation because of different beliefs of the way people interpret the Bible, a God who loves Christians and meets with them in their specific meeting-place at a specific time and reigns blessings on them for allegiance to the specific group they belong to by obeying the rules and participating in the rites of the group.
This presents to the world a Christ whom even His followers cannot unite under because they view who He is and what He is about differently.

On the other hand the Church that Jesus established is a community within a community that should demonstrate by its words and deeds in daily living what the community without the within community would be like under the authority and Headship of Jesus Christ. Living as a Church community is far more that doing and attending “meetings” on weekends!

Church is a life to be lived and in reality living is not what takes place at weekend meetings where the people in the community without does not observe what happens within. And if the only Jesus they know is by what happens within weekend-event-driven meetings they do not relate that to their daily living because it is not a daily living experience and therefore their understanding of Jesus is flawed!

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