A Believer’s Declaration!

The time as come to declare to the religious hierarchy that we are opting out of religious relationships and replacing them for godly relationships through Christ...thus, we as Believers declare:

    As Believers we declare we have the God given right to follow Jesus Christ our Shepard and are breaking free from the bondage to religion by renouncing the lordship of professional denominated title holders, whether it be pastors, bishops or any of the other “religious elite titles” that are the gate keepers of religion.

    As Believers we declare we hold to the fact that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and there is no Biblical mandate to maintain a religious relationship with an institutional  church in order to gain a spiritual relationship with God.
    As Believers we declare that we have the right and responsibility to prove all things by the Spirit, evaluate the spirit of the performer as to if they are of God, be spiritually aware of false teachers who use the name of Jesus to validate their manipulative misuse of scripture through the witness of the Holy Spirit the God appointed Teacher.

    As Believers we declare we are followers of Jesus Christ and can know and hear His voice and follow Him and refuse to follow denominational creeds, denominational doctrines which are formulated by the denominated hierarchy.
    As Believers we declare we hold to the Biblical declaration that Jesus Christ is the sole Head of His Body, the Church, which is a spiritual community living in the human community that requires no religious leader to be exalted above the common body as the spiritual elite, for Jesus alone is the Head.

    As Believers we declare that attending Sunday-go-meetings is not the determining requirement for gaining or maintaining salvation. Neither is Church a programmed-event-driven meeting held in a building at appointed times for assembling of the people to happen. Rather, Church is a 24/7 life living relationship, people experiencing His Life within, out flowing through us as He does His work through us in meeting the needs of humanity.

    As Believers we declare that nowhere does the Bible elude that taking up out cross is following religious institutions in their doctrinal confusions, man-made traditions and customs.

    As Believers we declare we are followers of Christ, we declare that we are accountable to Him alone, and that He alone is our Judge...not the denominational hierarchy.

    As Believers we declare that Jesus is the Light of the world, the Bread of life, the Manna from heaven, the Living waters, the Door to a relationship with God, the Vine of which we are the branches, the Establisher of the Church, the Sustainer of the Church, the Head of the Church, the Leader of the Church, and the only Master that we as Believers have.

    As Believers we declare that the “fivefold ministry” are not offices filled by positions of denominational-appointed paid professional, but are leaders raised up by the Holy Spirit from among His Body to lead people to Jesus and not a religious institution.

    As Believers we declare that leaders within His Church are not entitled to use manipulative tactics by offering free gifts, God’s blessing, or the threat of being cursed by God to obtain tithes and offerings to keep the religious wheel turning.

    As Believers we declare that religious institutions are built on man-made foundations primarily for the benefit of feeding the denominational self-important, power and prestige of the “spiritual elite” who manipulate the gullible to give of their, time and money.

    As Believers we declare that Sunday-go-meeting church goers are captives to religion and its leaders, who act in the capacity of overlords and financial bankers for their own private religious empires.

    As believers we declare that as Jesus stated, "where two or three are gathered in My name, there Am I in the midst",  that does not warrant gathering in a building know as the church, neither does it require that a hireling or "professional" denominated clergy need be present as the spokesperson for God.

    As Believers we declare that the Veil of the temple was rent from top to bottom, providing Believers full access into God’s presence because of the finished and completed work of Jesus Christ, without a man- ordained-priest.

    As Believers we declare that Jesus Christ is our All-Sufficient One, and that dependency upon professional clergy was made obsolete by the Priesthood of Jesus Christ and the Priesthood of all Believers.


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