Believers are not to live in the make-believe world of the pomp and illusion of religion but, as the Church live in the reality of spiritual relationship with her Lord 24/7.

Believers are not the work of man, they are the handiwork of God.

Believers are not  identified because they are extra-ordinary, super-spiritual people out in the forefront of the  religious scene, who has people running to-and-fro to attend their performances. Deluding people by slick religious overtone talk convincing people to meet their expectations by sacrificial giving to the "work of the Lord".

Believers are not people canonized by a particular church, nor are they people protestantized and patronized by the protestant hierarchy structure system that cater to the survival of their particular religious group.

Believers are not to live in a make-believe world spawned by religion, but in the reality of relationship.

Believers are not to put on a facade seem spiritual for a weekend programmed-event-driven-meeting, they are to live in life reality exhibiting kingdom principle in life living 24/7.

Believers are not to fall prey to false teachers or false religion practicing under the guise of the Name of Jesus to validate their falsehoods.

Believers are not to live for themselves, or a religious institution but, they are to live for Him, move and have their being in Him, the fruit of which, is walking in the Spirit of Love.

Believers simply believe in the atoning grace of God and have applied His grace to their lives.

Believers are simply people who are in relationship with God through the finished and completed work of Jesus.


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