Church in Deception.

I am persuaded that Church is not a going-to-event but, is life in Christ and Christ in believers doing His work through believers 24/7 and has little to nothing to do with going to a building called church!

The majority of people have lived and people continue to live their whole lives in the religious realm, believing that the religious system with its hierarchy and professional clergy system and its going-to church mentality is founded by Christ, yet Jesus came to set people free from the bondage of religion and establish His Church, His Bride, His Beloved that would travel on a relational journey with Him, working with Him, through to the restoration of all things, loving people into the Kingdom of God.

The Sunday-go-event church mentality has members of the Church of Jesus Christ held in bondage and captivity by restricting their expressiveness as the royal priesthood of believers by the man-made rules and regulatory control by the man-ordained hierarchy of denominations.

Denominational organizations  will vigorously defend their existence  and self-assertion that Church takes place in a denominated building, controlled by the denominated hierarchy by the man-appointed denominated clergy, who determine Who God is, what God wants and what God is doing. On top of that, the denominated ones has been led to believe that they are God’s pipe line of information to the His people and to come to "church" to hear from God by listening to them, the professional spiritual elite.

This philosophy gives the religious organizations control, power and money...the very thing Jesus denounced to the pharisees, as the customs and traditions of men that bring the word of God to naught!

Sunday-go-meeting preachers and Sunday-go-meeting pew-warmers alike, will often quote certain passages of the Bible without any consideration for the context, the people it was originally spoken to, the circumstance of their lives at the time, and totally misunderstand and misrepresent what the intent of the scripture was intended relate.

An example of this is, "Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together,"in Hebrews 10:25, which is almost always the key verse to control people's church attendance.

The message of Jesus as the Servant Leader goes down the drain as the denominational hierarchy manipulates the flock to meet their own denominational agendas and to keep finances coming in to sustain their denominational existence.


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