Church Relevancy.

For many Believers the highlight of their living is the Sunday meeting and they believe it is where the Kingdom of God is effectively expressed. Ministry is defined as to what happens behind the four walls of the building. Ask the Sunday goers as to what their ministry is, you will hear such thing as, I am a member of the worship team, I play in the music department, I sing in the choir, I am the women’s group leader, etc. They are of the religious mindset that nothing they do during daily living counts as ministry or as having spiritual value. To be effective in the Kingdom of God we have to free ourselves from this spiritual/secular segregation, as we need to desegregate denominational segregation!

As Believers we need to wash our hands of the concept that divides our living into secular vs sacred, church going vs Church doing, and a worship time vs worship by living the gospel. God is the creator of all things, our relationship with Him afford us the privilege to bring Kingdom Living into every area of our lives. A true relationship with God is about changing the living environment we live in, not just escaping it by retreating to the fortress of a building we call church to practice our belief system.

A relationship with the Divine brings a change in us and then should find its expression in our living environment in which we live and work. Church is about bringing God’s grace, love, compassion and forgiveness into every sphere of our environment.

No wonder many people despise religious pomp and attitudes, it represents a faith that has no relevance to daily life living.

Has faith become so self-centered and and secluded that it is irrelevant to the real world.

Until we get a hold of the truth that from a Kingdom perspective there is no difference between Sunday and Monday, Tuesday, etc., when it comes to Church Life we will continue to be irrelevant to people in our environment. The truth of the matter is that what happens in living life daily is the Church in action and is more important than what happens behind closed doors on a Sunday.


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