Deception of the so called "Men of God".

This post is not so much to expose so called "men of God" but to inform believers of the deception of the deceptive charlatans who claim to be the spiritual pipeline from God to the "laity"

Some of the things that happen in some of the Charismatic, Apostolic, Pentecostal as well as other denominational arenas that are attributed to the anointing of God on the “man of God” utilizing the gifts of God is nothing more than the manipulation of psychology on uninformed, spiritually hungry, searching for God reality people caught in the deception of the “man of God” syndrome where what the “man of God “ speaks and does is purported as being from God, ordained by God and to be obeyed as if God spoke the words Himself.

This manipulative control of people that is attributed to being Godly is nothing short of spiritual deception and millions of unwary believers seeking genuine spiritual encounters with the reality of God are caught in its deceptive trap.

If we were to go behind the scenes (which people have done) of these manipulating so called “men of God” we find that the most important thing to them is to delude the people into believing they are super-spiritual and to successfully fleece the people of tithes and offerings by convincing them they are giving to God’s work in order to feed their insecurities and expand their ministry to bring the gospel to the world, when the reality is that the bulk of the money goes to support their extravagant ungodly lifestyle.

By obeying the people are promised God's blessing, if disobeyed the "man of God" uses fear mongering by instilling the fear of curses upon the disobedient people.

The religious experiences that people purport to have are mostly just that...religious experiences that inoculates them to true genuine spiritual experiences with God.

Does God ever meet with people in such settings? Yes. He will meet with sincere searching hearts in the most unlikely places, but that has very little, if anything, to do with the charlatan masquerading as the “man of God” and supported in the deception by his deceived supporters who run to and fro to hear the “man of God” and keep feeding Him money to feed his insatiable hunger that could be used to share the kingdom of God with the world.

I know that many will take offense to this post, those who genuinely don’t are probably among the true men of God!


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