Did God have a Plan for Man before the Fall?

Adam and Eve, the first humans, did not come into this world in need of salvation.

Did God have an eternal purpose that humans were to fulfill before sin came on the scene?

If He did, has He given up on that plan because of sin? 

If not, would that not make redemption and the other aspects of the gospel a recovery effort that relates to God’s original plan for man?

Did He establish His Church for the purpose of fulfilling that plan? Has religion highjacked the Church and unknowingly confused believers by the confusion of religion to where believers are unaware of the totality of God’s plan?

If religious system has concealed, kept the totality of the plan of God unknown to believers by duping people to believe the religious gospel that is practiced in society today is the totality of the gospel’s plan, who do you think would be responsible for the coverup?

Is it not a cunning move to deceive people into believing that the religious system is the gospel way and is the “Church” that Jesus is the Head of, raised to fulfill His original plan for man, thus keeping believers in the dark as to the glorious recovery plan of the gospel?


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