The Fumes of Denominationalism Stinks.

This world needs a visitation of God and only one Church will experience this visitation, which will not be a denominational organization or an institution but, a living organism, the Body of Christ.

God’s people need deliverance from religious traditions and customs that segregate, stagnate and confiscates some people in the Body of Christ. Denominational barriers needs to crumble into the dust and in a poof...are no  more.

I have little against denominations IF, by denominations we mean a society of people called by the same name, who support a particular system, IF that system is supported by Scripture. As long as a denomination remains open to the life of Jesus and is submitted to the Holy Spirit, it will accomplish some good, even though it will be still a cause of division in the Body of Christ.

But when a denomination becomes obsessed with self-preservation, it becomes a barrier that dangerously limits greater streams of truth from flowing into it. Elitism, legalism, judgmental attitudes and man-made rules and regulations become the order of the day.

I will be honest in saying, I have not aware of a religious system out there that is supported by scripture...that is not to say that God at times does not work through the religious system, His love for people is such that He will meet a seeking heart no matter where it is to, but His work is more in spite of the system rather than because of the system.

Constructed of human ideologies and doctrines, denominationalism is a man-made structure that obscures the true church that Christ is building. For the life of Christ to be seen in the church the barriers of religion must come down.

Denominationalism stinks with human tradition. Tradition is an established pattern of thought or behavior handed down by word or example from one generation to another. The Pharisees once asked Jesus, "Why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat" (Matt. 15:2). If the tradition we hold to is not Bible tradition we have no right to hold onto it!
Jesus condemned their hypocrisy, and He accused them of "making the word of God of no effect through [their] tradition" (see Mark 7:6-13).

Unfortunately, much of Scripture has been "interpreted" for us by carnal speculations handed down from one generation to another. Such traditional misconceptions hinder the Holy Spirit from revealing the truth of God's Word to us. The church today must return to the Word (Jesus) of God and allow the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit)  to teach us.

The apostle Paul declared he was "exceedingly zealous for the traditions" of his fathers until "it pleased reveal His Son in me" (Gal. 1:14-16). Like Paul, we will be delivered from devotion to religious traditions and customs only as we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ in us.


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