Giving verses Tithing.

Many people are snared by the manipulator’s manipulating manipulations in the raising of money by misusing, abusing and misunderstanding thus, confusing the link between paying tithes and God’s blessing in people’s lives. To further their ability to secure funds from unwary people they use fear mongering to hoodwink them into giving along to avoid being cursed with a curse. Along with selling their trinkets and wares the shysters, now get this...offer free gifts for giving to their ministry it really a gift if you have to send money to receive it? 

Have you ever stopped to think why none of the New Testament writers never talked about paying tithes? Well, you say, “it is taught in the Old Testament and God is an unchanging God therefore, tithing is relevant for post-cross era of the New Testament. Is it really?

“God os the same yesterday, today and forever” amen!

God does not change...But, circumstances do!

In the pre-cross era:

God required the sacrifice of animals to cover the sins of the people.

God required that only the High Priest had access to enter His presence behind the veil.

God required people not to eat certain kinds of eatable products for food...etc.

Are any of these required in the post-cross era because God is an unchanging God? No. Why?

It is not that God changed, it is circumstances that changed.

Until we come to an understanding what was accomplished and what circumstances changed because of Christ we will always be tied to the law keeping mentality of the Old Testament and open to the deception of the money hungry manipulating shysters.

In the Old Testament era people paid! In the New Testament era people give! The difference between the two is the revelation of love and the application of living in that love. Giving takes the limit off tithing because love gives everything! Tithing demanded is ridiculous and offensive to be mandated in a relationship of love that Jesus provided for us to participate in with the Godhead and people.

A lot of teaching today  reject the intimacy that is ours that Christ died for and still embraces the anti-relationship mentality of the pre-cross era.

Folks, God’s gifts are free, He does not demand payment for His gifts because He is in a love relationship with you. Break free from the bondage of tithing mentality and live in the freedom of love giving mentality!


  1. Hi Glen

    I love your passion for truth

    The bible says that we as believers KNOW the truth...because we have the Spirit of TRUTH dwelling in us

    You are right on the mark

    Keep preaching the TRUTH brother

    yours in Christ


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