Is the Bible the Supreme Word?

In writing about the segregation that religion causes in the Body of Christ, It is often rebutted with, “as long as we agree on the essentials of Christianity we are united spiritually. The non-essentials we are free to disagree on.

When it comes to an agreement on the essentials, one that different religious groups claim to agree on is the authority of the Bible as God’s inspired, inerrant and infallible Word. It is the ultimate source for gaining knowledge about God, doctrine, theology, and it is the supreme GPS for our lives.

Tell me, if the Bible is the supreme guide for our lives, why are there so many different groups, all with different beliefs based on the supreme guide, so far removed from the the goal becoming like Christ, all following different weigh points?  Should not the supreme guide lead all people down that same path  to the goal when it comes to believing?

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bible is the SUPREME WRITTEN source to glean information about God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit. But, is the Bible the ultimate source in and of itself? My understanding is that Jesus Christ…the express image of God is the SUPREME Source! The scriptures declare that “by Him all things were made that was made. He is the Light of all men. He is the express image of the Father (not the Bible). He is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. It is not the Bible God draws us to, it is to His Son and the Bible points us to Jesus the Son, that is, if we believe the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does the Bible call itself the Word of God or the ultimate source of knowledge about God.

Until we realize that the Bible is the written word that points to the living WORD and without the living WORD the written word is a dead book we will fail to realize that Jesus is the SUPREME WORD!

The written word is profitable for reproof, doctrine, correction, and instruction in righteousness? But the testimony of the Bible points to Jesus Himself as the Supreme Source. He desires to gives the inspiration and understanding of the Bible through His Holy Spirit. How then is the Bible the ultimate source of knowledge about God? Does the Bible know more than God does? The Bible itself claims that it does not contain all the words of Christ therefore, it cannot know more than God knows. Can the Bible do more than Jesus can? Did the Bible come and lay down its life for us?

Heed the words of Jesus the WORD.

“Search the Scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of Me. And you will not come to Me, that you might have life. I receive not honor from men. But I know you, that you have not the love of God in you. I am come in My Father’s Name, and you receive Me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive. How can you believe, which receive honor one of another, and seek not the honor that comes from God only?” (John 5:39-44)

The reason religion make the Bible the ultimate authority, and Christ gives us that reason. It’s because men seek to honor man rather than honoring God. They seek this honor because they prefer to live for their religion and to satisfy their inflated ego, rather than submit to God. There is no doubt they love the Bible, in fact, they love the written word beyond their love for Jesus the living WORD. They are blind to the fact they are eating from the Tree of Knowledge, while rejecting the source of life, the Tree of Life.

Declaring the Bible to be the “supreme source” implies supremacy over God, and allows every man to keep his own interpretation of the Bible and thereby maintain his own righteousness and his own belief system, leading o the establishment of segregated denominations. Those maintaining their own righteousness are not rightly dividing and applying the Word of God. They worship the Bible itself, which is idolatry.

When people, whether individually or in groups such as denominations, decide Who God is, what He means, and what He’s like, they do so by following their own lusts and rejecting the living Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord manifests Himself both then and now by speaking to His sheep, which hear (not read) His voice. He personally makes Himself and His will known.

While placing the Bible as the Supreme Authority seems to be giving glory and honor to God, it is, in truth, a direct denial of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some think the doctrine of confessing Christ “is come” in the flesh means one acknowledges that Christ lived as a man, died, and was resurrected. It goes far beyond that. We know many charlatans called “men of God” who gladly and sincerely acknowledge these things, yet have nothing to do with His teachings, which is evident by their fruit. What these charlatans, will not do, however, is acknowledge the authority of Christ, as He is present in believers. That is Jesus Christ come in the flesh. Could that be what He meant when He said that those who receive His messengers receive Him, and those who receive Him receive the Father (Matthew 10:40).

Because these charlatans don’t know the Lord in a relational manner, they resort to giving themselves a position of spiritual authority on the basis of the “authority” of the Scriptures, which Scriptures they interpret in light of what they already believe. Barring anything but a miracle, the Bible won’t verbalize  a rebuke to anyone. It sits there inanimate and will be made what men choose to make of it.

That the Bible is a dead book to the spiritually dead is a dead fact and is made alive because of “The Living Word” (Jesus) alive in our hearts. Anybody that is spiritually dead who has received light from reading the written word has received it from the LIVING WORD, Jesus.

Are the Scriptures applicable to our living? Without any doubt...yes! However, we don’t follow a written book, we follow the LIVING WORD. If believers are dependent on a book, we could ask ourselves how Old Testament people,  New Testament people...John the Baptist, the disciples and Paul knew to follow, none of whom had a Bible.

The written word confirms the truth, and teaches truth and the teachers of the Bible teach truth only to the degree that the Bible is rightly interpreted, but it isn’t The SUPREME WORD, ONLY JESUS IS!

Christ led the children of Israel in the wilderness, not the Bible.

People worship the Bible, not because they serve the Church of Jesus Christ who is WORTHY of Worship, but because they serve themselves in their “church” and worship their denomination.

This is evident by what I have heard people say....I was born a _______, and I will die a________, you can fill in the blanks yourself.



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