Is Jesus or the Bible the WORD of God?

Jesus entrusted to His apostles, HIMSELF as the Messenger who had the message from God to humanity, HIMSELF the WORD of God. Religion has fallen for the deception of Satan of focusing out attention on the Bible as the" WORD" by drawing our attention away from the simple truth that Jesus is the WORD!

By falling for this deception our minds have become programmed to replace the living WORD, His message and His commands, with the written word the Bible.

The result is, while we are so taken up with the scriptures as the Word of God and trying to defend such, we are not able to rationally consider anything that contradicts our religious mindset no matter how convincing otherwise it may be.

I am aware that my honesty in dealing with this matter causes many to assume that I am attacking scriptural authority and inspiration of the scriptures. I am not, I believe that the inspiration of God moved upon men to record the original manuscripts and that 2 Tim. 3:16 and 17, are referring to such manuscripts.

However the Bible is;

    A book translated from copies of copies because there are no originals that have been found.

    A book that has been translated from the written verbalized hand-me-down stories from one person to another.

    A book that was translated by men, though known as scholars, were not given inspiration by God as the authentic authors of the scriptures were.

    A book that was authorized by King James, NOT God.

    A book that has English translation errors in the translating from the Hebrew and Greek languages.

    A book that contains italicized English words, meaning there was no English word to adequately substitute for the original word so the translators injected a word of their liking.

    A book that is only inspired to the degree that it is translated correctly and interpreted correctly by its expounders and its readers.

Does that mean that the Bible is not a reliable contextual source of knowledge about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Does that mean we should throw out the Bible as a valid source of confidence in its true contextual  teachings about history,  Jesus and future events. Of course not!

However, every word written between its covers was not spoken by God! But, we are to learn from the rich history that is recorded and learn from its record of man's failings, sin and ignorance, so we do not fall into the same deception and errors. Some of the advice given in the Bible is spoken purely from human wisdom as when Job's comforters gave him advice, they were not speaking the Word of God. In fact God was not pleased with the ungodly advice that Eliphaz and Teminite gave.

Some portions of the Bible contains contradictions against what God actually said. Ecclesiastes for instance includes statements that are true, statements that are partially true and others that are totally untruths. (see Eccl. 3:18-20, 6:6, 7:16, 8:15, 9:5, and 10:19). Nevertheless God gave his inspiration for it to be written, but He never inspired the actions to be done that were written. They are included to show us how utterly futile it is for people to live only to humanistic understanding.

Every statement in the Bible is stated truly but, every statement in the Bible is not a statement of truth. For example. The Bible states regarding Job's loss that "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...that is stated truly, but it is not a statement of truth", because God reveals that it was the devil that took Job's goods away, and the devil would have taken Job's life if He was not forbidden by God to do so.

The record of David's murderous, adulterous relationship with Bathsheba is not the Word of God, yet it was recorded to provide us instruction that we would not fall into the deception of lustful living. It also shows us the far reaching effects of God's forgiveness, love and mercy to woo us back to following Him.

This I believe is what Paul meant when He wrote that "all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for us to learn from...."

Though the Bible is of great value to us, it is unwise to call it "the Word of God", for it contains history, the thoughts of men, the lies of men, the lies of the devil as well as true words of God. Therefore, anything that God has said that is recorded in the Bible is inspired, and that which God has not said, though not inspired is written for out instruction and example. God has given us minds and the ability and the responsibility to use them. To accept that the whole Bible, every jot and tittle, every punctuation mark and every word is inspired by God is allowing the religious mindset to do our thinking for us and nullifies our God given ability to think for ourselves.

Please use your own God given ability to reason in answering the following.

Do you not think it unwise for us humans, and that we are not insulting God, to call the sayings of Satan and the lies of man the "Word of God" because those lies are recorded in the Bible? When the High Priest accused Jesus of blasphemy, do you believe it was the "Words of God"? Or was it a record of a religious cleric angrily stating what his carnal, highly learned humanoid mind honestly believes to be true, while trying to defend his misunderstanding of Old Testament scriptures?

I am thoroughly convinced that the New Covenant was not put in place by God to be a "covenant of words" bound between the covers of a book called the Bible, but a covenant of the Spirit bound in our hearts. Father invites us into a personal relationship with Him through the finished work of Jesus by his grace and love. The Bible is a tool that points us on the path toward that end, void of the rules and regulations backed by someone's interpretation of Bible verses, which may or may not be correct.

The Bible is not to be uses as a holy shotgun to shoot of Bible verses to substantiate our doctrinal belief while blasting other people's beliefs or doctrine simply because it does not agree with ours.

The bible, though the written word about God that contains words of not in its entirety "The Word of God".

Jesus in His entirety is the WORD of God!


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