Living in Deception is Living were Jesus is not Lord.

Segregation of Christ’s Body is fueled by a product of POSITIONALLY because of people’s different belief system regarding the scriptures, this creates a void for someone to fill because Christ is displaced from His position, which He alone can RIGHTLY fulfill. All others who try to fill His position as Head of His Body by becoming a head or sub-head of a “church” claiming it is the “Church”, knowingly or unknowingly are WRONGLY positioning themselves or WRONGLY positioned in the position by the hierarchy man-made structure accepted as the norm for operating church.

Living in deception is living were Jesus is not Lord and illumination is not from the Holy Spirit!

So as "faithful leaders" in His Church, He is looking for humble submitted people who will fulfill the calling of leader who will not set themselves as a 'prophet" or a "teacher" or an "apostle" for or over ANYONE but rather they will use their calling, gifting, and revelation to lead those who are wandering in the religious desert to THE PROPHET, TEACHER, and APOSTLE, and as they are lead to Him (Jesus) they will no longer be tossed to and fro with every "wind of doctrine" which fills the desert of religion but rather will stand FIRM on the ROCK and His message of God’s Love and Grace. These will truly be taught by the WORD Himself for THEMSELVES and not "spoon fed" by someone who thinks they are doing God a favor by setting them-self up as a teacher robbing Christ robbed of His rightful place.

The TRUE ROCK OF REVELATION (Jesus) is the PURE WORD. He is the only foundation that is not weakened by a mixture of perversions or misunderstandings. A mixture and misunderstandings that if we who are believers would peer into our own hearts and souls would have to admit we are capable ourselves of giving to another brother or sister. But, if we rather simply show another how to get fresh water for themselves then their foundation will be strong and without mixture or perversion because our hope is in HIS ABILITY to reveal and not OUR ABILITY to minister.


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