The Self-Protection Shell is a Prison House.

Have you imprisoned yourself in a shell of self-protection because of the pressures of the world and the demands to conform to the standards that religion teaches are the way of being a child of our loving Father? are you living in in isolation when it comes to being yourself around others by only let them see what you think they want to see and hide your faults and failures because you cannot take the shame and blame game anymore.

The game of shame and blame played in religious circles imprisons us in fear and condemnation isolated  unable to
live free in being who we were created to be and live in the love of of our loving Father Who will never play the blame and shame game with us as His loved child.

He wants us to rise from our brokenness to freedom in Him, and you know what, He is with you in your brokenness and will rise out of your brokenness with you. He is not about us living right in order to be in relationship with Him, or about condemning us because of our failures before initiating a relationship with us. He is about being in relationship with us so He can rise from our failures with us and lead in the path of righteousness, He does not to brow beating or condemn us.

He desires us to live in His affection, He desires to help us out of the shell-of self-protection without fearing how the self-righteous will respond our failures. That is the thing about our loving Father, He is desires us to live free in His wholeness and security.

Know that the religious perfect, are not really perfect, they live in the shell of religious protection setting standards for people to follow they themselves fail to follow. They also are imprisoned by the shame and blame game they play.

Remember God’s love four you does not become less because we make mistakes, He does not play the blame and shame game therefore, rest, assured in His loving embrace He will help you work through your faults and failures.


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