Where is your Focus?

The Storms of life are many, varied and difficult. They cause us much pain emotionally, physically, mentally and if not dealt with in the right manner can cause to question God and our spiritual life in Him.

Some of the common storms that assail against us are;
    The storm of sickness and disease.
    The storm of death and dying.
    The storm of marriage and divorce.
    The storm of riches and poverty.
    The storm of rebellion and confrontation.
    The storm of family feuding and misunderstandings.
    The storm of betrayal and condemnation.
    The storm of losing a job.
    The storm of broken friendships and relationships.

The way we become because of the storm is not because of the storm itself but how we react because of the storm.

If we sink into hopelessness because of the storm we believe there is no hope;
    Because we are blinded to any recourse.
    We are blind to any help that people what to give us.
    We become oblivious to the remedies that God provides.
    We miss the way out because we believe there is no way out.
    We can’t find the answer because we believe there is no answer.
    We believe that nobody cares not even God as to what we are going through.

Are you desperate for a breakthrough, are you longing for deliverance, if you are, check your focus!
Is your focus on the pain, sorrow, problems, suffering, hurting, if it is, it causes the storms to be so huge they become insurmountable.

We need to put our hope in, and focus on Jesus, the captain of our life and rest in His love and trust His ability to sail us through and out of the storm to peaceful waters. One reason we have trials and temptations is so that our hope and trust rests in Him alone and to become a showcase of His glory.

It all depends on our reaction to the storm we are going through. When I am going through a storm what kind of reflection of God do I show people.

Through the storm keep your focus, your faith, your hope and your trust in Jesus the Captain, He has never lost a boat yet,not matter the roughness of the storm!


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