The age we are living has a deluge of communication devices, radio, television, land line phones, cell phones, email, texting, pagers, ipads, computers, internet, yet people have never experienced loneliness and isolation to the degree they experience it today, yet we have more ways to connect and communicate with people than ever before. Why aren’t we a communicating community of communicators?

We work along side of people we don’t care for, we are married to a spouse we seldom look at let alone talk to, we have children to whom our conservation is maxed at about 5 minutes a day, we live next door to people we don’t know, we go to Sunday-event-drive-meetings to find fellowship but become just another face in a crowd, communication with God is reduced to a one sided monologue where we do all the talking and expect God to meet our demands, the most popular way people seem to hear from God is from those they deem the spiritual elite who assume the role of being the spiritual pipeline connected directly to God to channel His messages through to the common spiritually poor folk in the pews.

Everyone is so busy in the busyness of their own lives that the most meaningful communication is done in isolation communicating with oneself.

With the communication blitz the world has shrunk into our backyard, while the gap of meaningful communication and conversation with people has widened to as far as the east is from the west. Just because we can use a communication device to communicate with someone on the other side of the world does not mean that it is meaningful communication!

With all the communication device available to us today none are as successful, valuable or meaningful as the God given communication tools of vocal cords, tongues, lips, and fellowshipping with people sharing their hearts with each other and loving each other.


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